How to Run Google Chrome on Backtrack 5

Modifying Google Chrome to run on Backtack 5

So you got Backtrack installed and now you want to be able to get Chrome to run as root. The below steps will walk you through installing the Chromium browser and running it as root. The steps can be modified to run the latest Chrome as well as other applications that will not run as root such as VLC. Just make modifications where necessary.

FYI: Chromium is the bleeding edge development of the Google browser project. It is the browser, and whatever its current state may be they usually get a few Chromium builds per day.

Google Chrome is simply a “rebranding” of Chromium, but is a little more ready for public consumption.


First lets install Chrome open terminal:

[apt-get install chromium-browser]

now change to the chrome directory

[cd /usr/lib/chromium-browser]

now open hex editor and change to ascii

[hexedit chromium-browser]


now search for geteuid

[ctrl s geteuid]

change to getppid and save

[getppid ctrl x]

now chrome will run