Google Places!!!

The Best Offense is a Good Defense: Fortifying Your Google Places Page
Here are a few takeaways to ensure your Google Places page is not only protected, but it is working to the betterment of your business. Regardless of the spam labelling, these are some good best practices to always use when optimizing your websites.

Lock It Down: If you haven’t yet claimed your Google Places page for your business, my advice is to do so, and fast. This will ensure that your competition cannot make unauthorized changes to your page with fictitious information. And it’s free. If you already have a listing that hasn’t validated ownership yet, you can do so by going to your Places page > top right-hand corner > link that says “business owner?” > follow steps to validate ownership.

Optimize: Your listing should be in tip-top shape with all the pertinent content relevant to your business’ website because Google Places listings appear in organic search results. Here are some useful Google Places optimization tips.

Be Active: Engage with the online community. Google Places isn’t just a place for the basic information. Use Google Places as a “megaphone” for your business by posting new and exciting products, and other announcements. Being an active member is an excellent fraud deterrent.

Read Your Email: If by chance your business is reported closed, Google will try to verify with you that your business is, in fact, closed. Google will “permanently close” your business if you don’t respond.