Oracle 12c RMAN Steps

RMAN (Recovery Manager) is a backup and recovery manager supplied for Oracle databases (from version 8) created by the Oracle Corporation. It provides database backup, restore, and recovery capabilities addressing high availability and disaster recovery concerns.

Steps used to push Oracle 12c Rman Backups to different server..

1 Backup Control File (in source server)


RMAN> backup as copy current controlfile format ‘/u01/rman/ORA/backupset/ccfile’;


  1. Backup database (in source server)


RMAN> backup as compressed backupset database plus archivelog delete input;


  1. Copy rman files from source server to destination server.


  1. Restore control file (in target server)

edit any paths in control file if target and source are different

RMAN> startup nomount;

RMAN> restore controlfile from ‘/u01/rman/ORA /backupset/2019_09_24/ccfile’;


  1. Restet the database


SQLPLUS> shutdown abort;

SQLPLUS> startup mount;


  1. Restore the backup (in target server ie.. IQSYNC)

RMAN> restore database;

RMAN> recover database;

RMAN> alter database open resetlogs;