How Facebook and other accounts get hacked

I here it far too often, complete with that infernal cry of pain. "My Facebook (put whatever page you log into here) got hacked".

I here it far too often, complete with that infernal cry of pain. “My Facebook (put whatever page you log into here) got hacked”.

It may be your favorite social media site, your bank or credit card log in screen, You got there by clicking a link that someone sent to your email, or on that new cool site you found that lets you download free music. You reached that all too familiar screen that looks just like it always does, you log in and blip your log in didn’t work try again, however you just gave up your log in credentials without even realizing it.

How did my Facebook get hacked?

Step One: Hacker will clone your favorite log in page: (No special tools needed, open up your favorite page in IE and go to file, click save page and walla you have it.)

Step Two: Hacker sets up the page on his or her server, compete with a database back-end to collect results and a phony sub-domain to make it look even better ( )

Step Three:Hacker will get you to his phony domain by sending you the link in an email, IM, or even posted on another site. Maybe he or she already hacked one of your friends and you think it’s your favorite aunt sending you the “check out the cool new app” link. Let’s take a quick poll how many of your friends or relatives could of clicked on a link someone they don’t know sent them?

Step Four:Hacker uses your log in credentials to hack your friends, your accounts, whatever he or she wants. You have been compromised and a week from now you realize you just transferred all you funds in your bank account to an overseas account.

Moral of the story: Don’t be lazy, always type the web address in, and remember your probably smarter then most of your friends so don’t just click on some silly link they sent you.

See video of how easy it is here
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