Concealed Carry Myths

The Midland Firearms Training Program offers concealed carry Illinois classes where applicants are trained in shooting. This organization makes them appropriate for concealed carry permit within a very short period of time. They charge a very nominal price for such trainings and at the end of it provides the trainee with a concealed carry permit from the Illinois State Police.

With this particular permit one can carry arms with them for self defense in case any adverse situation arises in any sphere of life at anytime, anywhere. There are a number of certifications such as the Illinois State Police Conceal Carry instructor, NRA rifle instructor, etc. A few memberships are also available for the applicants such as the NRA life member and the like.

These kinds of concealed carry training have been going on in the concealed carry Illinois classes for quite some time now and in this span a huge number of concealed carry myths have also cropped up among the ‘not-so-aware’ category of people who take on the concealed carry training to acquire the concealed carry permit from the Illinois State Police. Some of the concealed carry myths can be stated as:

First and most importantly there is this myth about the size of the gun that one can carry under the concealed carry permit. There is basically not such regulation. One can carry any sized gun in their pocket provided it has to fit in your pocket and most importantly the user need to be completely at ease to use the gun when necessary. Two things should be kept in mind however and they are that the gun should be easily concealed and the user should be comfortable with the working of it.
Secondly, some people are under the impression that you should only carry the firearms only when it is necessary. This is absolutely a misconception. After all how can someone be sure of any kind of situation in life? How will a person know when danger comes and when he might need self defense? So when you have a concealed carry permit it is advisable that you carry the fire arm everywhere you go. These easily concealed arms are generally light weight so you can keep them hidden in your pockets without having the slightest concern about anything or being conscious about what’s inside your pocket.


Keeping the minimum rounds in the chamber, this again is a mistake many of the newly trained personnel go for. They are somewhat concerned or maybe not so comfortable with keeping a fully loaded gun with them at all times. But what good is a gun with its rounds?

Concealed carry permit is all you need. This again is a very wrong idea. To be a competent shooter one has to practice hard. Just some concealed carry Illinois classes will not help you master the skill. It will give you a permit in the end but even after that only practice will improve your aim as well as your skill.
Some believe that it is not necessary to carry extra magazines. This is another myth. An extra magazine does not necessarily mean you have to use more bullets to shoot. It is just a safety precaution in case one of the magazines does not work properly in the time of an emergency.

There are a number of other concealed carry myths that you need to overcome to be able to make justified use of your Concealed carry permit from the Midland Firearms Training Classes in times of self-defense anywhere, anytime.

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