My OS, IDE, and Tools of the Trade

Working as an Application Security Analyst as well as a being a custom Application Developer requires a unique set up for me. So starting with the OS, most of my security tools are Linux based or for me seem to run better on a Linux OS, (Nessues, nMap, Nikto, John The Ripper, Hydra) so BackTrack is my Operating System of Choice. I do have a Virtual Windows Machine for the occasions where I may need a Microsoft program such as Brutus or Adobe’s CS5 but find myself rarely cranking it up. On that note being a Flex developer, Adobe deciding to no longer support Flex / Flash builder on Linux was a big downside. Also of note is deciding on a way to connect to Microsoft SQL servers during development.

With Backtrack covering most of my Security tools, I threw in my favorite browser Chrome, as well as Open-office Suite and xPDF to cover reporting, and opening Microsoft Office Files, and I added the sun Java install.

For Java, PHP, Coldfusion, and Flex Development start with XAMPP and ColdFusion server installs and Eclipse has me covered with a few plugins for coding. I start with the PHP Helios version of Eclipse located here, the benefit it has all the tools already installed for my PHP and Java development, I have added the following Plug-ins to complete the install:

QuantumDB – allows me to connect to several DBMS including DB2, Oracle, msSql, & mySql
CFEclipse – Handles my ColdFusion development
SubClipse – svn check in and checkout (there are several version control plug ins for different systems including Perforce, and VSS just look around for the one you need)
fbForLinux – Takes care of my flex development on Linux works great and allows me to do air development as well (no design view).
Adobe Air for Linux – This will allow me to install the Design View Air Application for flex. I rarely use it coming from a hand coding background, but sometimes it is nice to see your flex application in design view.

A few wine programs I install:
SqlYog – Although for the most part I stick with Quantum plug-in for database development from time to time I do use sqlYog for mySql development runs fine with wine.
ScreenCalipers – need to see some sizes this works great
fsCapture – there may be better Linux equivalents I’m just used to using this one

For Backtrack5 you may want to add the Ubuntu software center for other apps you may want in terminal type [ apt-get install software-center ]

That about covers my basic set up. I keep a Live CD with the above already installed so when I need to set up a new machine I have a quick start.