So you hired a company to get you Google Places Reviews?

So you hired a company to get you Google Places Reviews?

I find myself running into it more and more…. Automotive Dealers that have spent huge amounts with companies promising hundreds of reviews in their Google Places Account.. Only to see them loose placement end up getting their website blacklisted and loosing any legitimate reviews that they did have..

Hearing their stories reminds me of the old adage, “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”…

In reviewing a recent inquiry from a dealer I find 143 reviews, with at least 90% of them being one time reviewers, another words I’m expected to believe that some guy bought a car and it was such a wonderful experience that he had to run home and write a 500 word thesis, that resembles more of a sales announcement instead of a review. Even though the same guy has never written another review on any other company in town. Then to top it off there are another 130 plus reviews that fit the same mold and none of them ever wrote a review for anything else.

It would seem to me that Car Dealership General Managers would be smarter then to think this type of black-hat techniques are above board and that their dealership would benefit from them in any way shape or form.

Do things the wrong way especially when it comes to online marketing and it will always and I repeat always comes back to bite you in the ass in the long run.

Reviews and ratings can be great for business when they’re honest and well intended.

So the question comes in is how do you go about getting ligitimate reviews.. Answer first thing first make sure your customers are 1000% satisfied with their interaction with your company.. Then have your internet manager, or one of your customer support staff call your customer for a follow up and to walk them through the google places review.. This is the best method…

Another great idea is to have your marketing team create a hand out to go with your customer packages that walk them through creating your reviews.. Yes its more work but well worth the pay off ….

Avoid the black-hat techniques and promises from companies running the review scams and put the work in to get legitimate reviews your dealership will be better off in the long run. The image below is a great starter for your hand out.

Best of luck